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Ception of Ty is a duo from Athens, Greece. Ntinos, a daytime corporate executive / nighttime all around musician, is responsible for all composition, production and arrangement of the music while Christos, a director and sluggard of sorts, writes the lyrics and recites the words. Their first album “Asymmetry Generosity” is a reckless experimentation with different art forms they love: Music, poetry and film-making. Using as a starting point Christos’ couch and the simplest of microphones, and in between lots of cups of coffee and cigarettes, they record Christos reciting his lyrics. Then Ntinos gets to work doing all the rest, creating through his music the atmosphere to convey the mood they’re looking for (while Christos continues sitting on the couch). Their attempt is one of translocation, an effort to sting and stimulate the listener’s senses in order to create a mood of mystagogy.


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