Tell me stories about your leg

Tell me stories about your leg.
Footsteps it's taken.
How it bends its knee in pleasure.
How to caress its calve when sore.
The feeling of mud under its naked foot.
What makes it lose its balance.
What makes it jump.
How it feels when a tongue slides down its curves.
Does it play tricks on you?
Tell me how it tastes behind the knee.
How it obeys in savage beats.
How it prays on delirious pavements.
Tell me stories about your leg.

Neon Lights

So many women
So many tears
So many wasted years
But you’re crying while I’m dying
The skies are grey and dying
There is somebody lying
To us
And I’ve been trying to make it shine
To shed a light into the night
Before it ends
It’s the sound of the mosquitoes heading for the neon life
Looking for blood
Take a dive inside my sinister eyes
Let’s make it right let’s make it work
But it won’t
It feels weird
Seeing you waiving good-byes
Weaving your tears into a rose of fears

Endless nights we spent alone
Dusks of glory and despair
I drop acid in my head
Before I fade away I want to seize the day
So many thrills
So many unspoken chills
So many ruined dreams
It’s the sound of the mosquitoes looking for blood
Attracted and burned by the neon lights

I dream of dying

Fake men and mean women
with their conquering vaginas
devouring elfs and deers
towering bloody wombs
giving birth to economies and razorblades.
I dream of running in green fields
entering caves
meeting goddesses –amazons of the old
fighting daemons.
I dream of dying
Again and again
These are the best dreams I have.

Space Girl

She’s like a space girl
aetherial girl
brings the mayhem.
Want her from head to toes
tear up her clothes
is it vertigo
the way she makes me go.

She’s like a space girl
aetherial girl
brings the mayhem.
I see her walk
I hear her talk
She’s like a drug in me
can’t escape her heat
all I need
sweetest thing.
She’s like a space girl
aetherial girl
brings the mayhem.
Can’t let her go
she takes no no’s
and there off she goes
lustrous babe walking on her own
She’s like a space girl
ethereal girl
brings the mayhem.

You got your ways

You got your ways
You got your evil days
You’ve got your ways
You’ve got a million plays
You’ve got your taunting looks
You’ve got your high-heel boots
You got your ways
You got your evil days
You’ve got your ways
You’ve got what it takes
To make me crawl on the floor
To keep me asking for more
You got your ways
You got your evil days

You’ve got your ways
you’ve got your midnight pace
You’ve got the sweetest juice
You got me dazed and confused
You’ve got your ways
You got your ways
You got your evil days

Evil eyes

I want to see you
With my evil eyes
My creepy looks
I want to look at you
Barefoot and natural
Come to me
Cum for me
It’s in the way you utter words
And these in-between moments
That your eyes do the talking
I want to strip you naked
And laugh at the beauty of your shyness

My Friend

My friend
My sweet friend
My terrible best friend
In time and space
We’ll meet again
My friend
How could I forget?
In time and space
We’ll meet again
My friend
My sweet friend
My terrible best friend
We’ll meet again

My friend
My sweet friend
In time and space
We’ll meet again
My friend
My sweet friend
My terrible best friend
In time and space
We’ll meet again

There is no Fight

There is no fight
There is no win or die
Is just a little ride
A silky silly tide
Breastfed in milk and rice
A state of heart and not of mind
A world made for you and I
No need to struggle
There’s always time to unravel
I love the way you cuddle
With you I’m like a lion in the jungle
Let’s keep this subtle
Let’s keep this right

The Ping Pong Song

I wrote a song
I wrote a song
I played ping-pong
I made it all wrong
But I wrote a song
I wrote a song
And then I played some ping-pong


mother what has happened to the sweetest of your children mother?
bones and fire and ashes mother
pray now for me while you can mother
and with a dying roar save me now mother
it's all gone bad
sacrifice yourself for me now mother
forget the praise you had of me in the past mother
there is a tumor growing in my lungs mother
and something far worse than that mother
play your lullaby song and get me to sleep mother
let me awake anew mother
there's a perfect stranger talking to you mother
does it hurt not to recognize your own flesh mother?
I went and I am gone mother|
where is your mother, mother?
bones and fire and ashes mother
shed some more tears for your beloved one mother
you were ungrateful mother
and now it turned bad again mother
extend a hand and I will drag you down mother
see me grin mother
see me scream mother
see me cry mother
see me in pain mother
watch me while I am dying mother
I am lying mother
I would have another mother, mother
there's no need to sleep with two pillows mother
it only makes you to have headaches mother
what are you on about mother?
what are you on about?
the pills you're taking won't help you at all mother
let me shave your head mother
it might make you feel better mother
why can't you just listen to me mother?
I know that you love me but you don't respect me mother
look at me change mother
look at me go mother
If you don't love him you need to go mother
fuck the money mother
remember who you were mother
turn-off the t.v mother
I only cause you pain mother
set your children free mother
don't live your life through me mother
do you want us to die together mother?
then why you want us to live together mother?

you don't have the slightest idea of who I am mother
I am being harsh mother and unjust
go out and step on that trampoline mother
the sea helps mother nature helps mother
put out that fag mother you had enough
listen to your breathing mother
no need to keep bying stuff won't resolve anything mother
stop now counting backwards mother
it's not time yet
you stretch me mother
I want to hit you but I don't want to hurt you mother
I led astray from being the good son mother
my brother had dedicated this song by Nick Cave
to me when I was thirteen mother
he must knew something mother
I, for once, won't be there mother
what you think about oneness mother?
what you know about anarchism mother?
when will you stop waiting your turn to talk mother?
it's not only about you and I mother
I no more want to say that I love you mother
make peace mother get up and dance mother
it's all good in wonderland mother
the tongue is slippery and we are playing with words mother
I wanna have Bush jr. as a character in my next film mother
let me see you high on mdma mother
I have done bad thing you don't know about mother
do not fast-forward the films mother
the house does not have to be constantly clean mother
no more chemo-therapies for me mother
this is a long letter to you that you will never read mother
|but if it happens and you do
you will not understand it mother
you will take it all wrong and twist it mother
I can't change mother
I can't change that you are my mother, mother
you are my mother, mother


The world is divided into those who can love but do find no response
And to those who are loved but are incapable of loving.
It is an unfair and sad world, yes I know, but this is our world
the year 2010 and counting.
Those who are loved but are incapable of loving are the privileged ones.
They enjoy all the rich, the spoils and the admiration. They are beautiful.
They walk the earth on light feet. When they die they will be reborn as tambourines.

Those who can love but do find no response are melancholic. They crave of a new world of sense
and intimacy. They are day-dreamers. They will be reborn not.
When they die, they will be alone and unsatisfied, but with a small light still burning in their soul,
a flame of desire.
I am a superbeing, I come from the year 3010 and I am dying...alone and unsatisfied.

Fool’s Lullaby

Who’s that fool
Sitting on my stool?
Please get up
Stand the fuck up
Who’s that friend
Sleeping on my bed?
Drinking my wine
And fucking my wife
A liar and a traitor
A mother-fucking predator
Who’s that whore
Living in my home?
Asking for my dimes
Laughing at my rhymes
Who’s that father
Whom I never met?
Father why did you have me
Since you never really cared?
Who’s that bitch
Cumming on my sheets
Smelling like piss
They will find her in a ditch
Who’s that man
That crawls inside my head
I want him gone
I want him (gunshot)

Dusty Highways

Let there be blood Howling
Breakfast in the dark
He set out alone
With some friends from the playgrounds
Never to come back to The playgrounds
You know this feeling
Experiencing memories
You know you never had
Dusty highways
Lonesome diners
Abandoned gas-stations
It is a weird feeling Isn’t it?
Watermelon surprises
Thrust a knife

Brother Gabriel

A fallen angel walks among us
but in his mind
the concept is still divine
what he sees he tries to deny
but it’s hard to fight off the vice.
In his eyes you can see
he feels sad
because his eyes have witnessed a lot of bad
a mother killing her son
a boy robbing and raping
and killing just for fun
a friend stabbing a friend in the back
a brother telling lies
about his sibling in their mom
the mean father malesting his youngs
the corrupted politician
grabbing all he can grab

the twisted priest –looking for some fun-
in a distracted girl’s –looking for some guidance-

people doing drugs
without knowing why or what
they are about to enter
a competition they cannot withstand
institutions collapse
relationships fall apart

lovers who cry in the dark
elder people feeling bad
when looking back
everyone is looking for some more cash
little kids die of starvation
I drive a car of admiration.
And now his wings are a disgrace
he chops them off not to feel ashamed
but he does

Linköping Rising

There’s a knock on your door
Your breath is hanging down low
Cause you know who I am
It makes you shiver to death
There’s a knock on your door
It makes you get up and walk
Sweden weather is cold
Barefoot you stroll on the floor
There’s a knock on your door
I am coming in strong
With a perfect hard on
We’re gonna play all night long
You see me dragging my leg
It almost makes you feel wet
Streetlight glow inside the room
This is the cripple
who's gonna torture you a little
I rip off your shirt
I let you take off the rest
Your fingers zip down my pants
Baby, we know I am already hard


He was twenty-four and she was twenty-one
and they laughed and danced
their own funny lil dance
and made love and fucked under the moonlight
and the moonlight was always there when they wanted to
and they fooled around like children

and fall in love
and fall asleep with their heads leaning to one another
and looked each other deep in the eyes and we saw love.
they were young and exceptional
and in a way the most beautiful
when they were together
so happy together.
And then she left
yes,i know there is a huge gap as to why.
she left.
she then turned twenty two.
After a while, he turned twenty five.


Θέλω να κρυφτώ πίσω από τα δόντια σου
Να αγγίξω τα οστά σου γυμνά
Με τα χέρια μου
Κάπου κάπως
Κάτι δικό σου θα φανερωθεί
Θέλω να κρυφτώ πίσω από τα δόντια σου
Να αγγίξω τα οστά σου γυμνά με τα χέρια μου
Κάπου κάπως
Κάτι δικό σου θα φανερωθεί


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