Neon Lights

So many women
So many tears
So many wasted years
But you’re crying while I’m dying
The skies are grey and dying
There is somebody lying
To us
And I’ve been trying to make it shine
To shed a light into the night
Before it ends
It’s the sound of the mosquitoes heading for the neon life
Looking for blood
Take a dive inside my sinister eyes
Let’s make it right let’s make it work
But it won’t
It feels weird
Seeing you waiving good-byes
Weaving your tears into a rose of fears

Endless nights we spent alone
Dusks of glory and despair
I drop acid in my head
Before I fade away I want to seize the day
So many thrills
So many unspoken chills
So many ruined dreams
It’s the sound of the mosquitoes looking for blood
Attracted and burned by the neon lights



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